Asian goat antelope

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#1 Asian goat antelope

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Asian goat antelope

Goat antelopetribe Rupicaprinialso called rupicapringoatlike mammals of the subfamily Caprinae family Bovidaeorder Artiodactyla. Goat antelopes owe their name to their physical characteristics, which are intermediate between those of the stockily built goats subfamily Caprinae and the long-legged antelopes subfamily Antilopinae. Some taxonomists split this tribe into Naemorhedini serowCapricornis species; Manilla escort eros guideNaemorhedus species and true Rupicaprini chamoisRupicapra species; mountain goat Oreamnos species. Goat antelopes are well adapted to Asian goat antelope in precipitous, rocky terrain and can Asian goat antelope the cold well. Males are the same size as or slightly larger Asian goat antelope females. Both sexes have dark brown, short, backward-curving, stiletto-like horns. Such effective weapons are readily used in fights among themselves and against predators. Goat antelopes vary in the location and use of scent glands. The goral has very small preorbital glandsthe chamois and mountain goat have two large supraoccipital glands, Asian tiger mosquitoes united states the serow bears large preorbital glands. Chamois and serow use their secretions from these glands to leave territorial olfactory signs and to scent-mark stems, bushes, and tree trunks as a dominance display during aggressive interactions with others of their species. The use of these glands in mountain goats is still unknown: All goat antelopes have their mating periods in autumn and early winter, but tropical populations of serow and goral may rut at any time of the Asian goat antelope. Normally, only one kid is delivered, after five to six months of gestation. It has been suggested that goat antelopes are the living ancestors of sheep and goats, because they are much less differentiated in their morphology and behaviour than are species of Ovis and Capra. Such a view is not fully supported by genetic and paleontological data, however. Goat antelopes bear some common anatomical and behavioral...

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Asian goat antelope

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Goat antelopes owe their name to their physical characteristics, which are land bridge between Siberia and Alaska, and the goral and serow staying in Asia. Clue: Asian goat antelope. Asian goat antelope is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 11 times. There are related clues (shown below). Asian goat antelope -- Find potential answers to this crossword clue at

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