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#1 Bobby johnston nude

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Bobby johnston nude

You know nde was an earlier Playgirl spread in which Johnson had long hair- very sexy and hot. Love the chest and belly hair. His ass is so eatable and that cock is so yummy! What a pretty perfect pure white blond. I'd eat his shit. I remember the Playgirl spread mentioned above, from decades ago. He was the centerfold. Still, Bobby pics are hot enough! B J Love to spread the wealth of a good body with Bobby johnston nude and explore Bobby johnston nude inner pleasure of sex. Tuesday, December 22, Bobby Johnston. Posted by Davd in MN at Bobby johnston nude August 11, at Anonymous April 28, at Anonymous January 5, at johnwton Anonymous March 26, at 8: Anonymous Panty party cheerleader 26, at 1: Anonymous April 26, at 3: Anonymous May 11, at 5: Suraz September 22, at 8: Davd in MN September 22, at 8: Asain fuck scenes December 5, at 7: Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Beefy Bobby has gained some weight recently, and it shows. Bare-chested many times, only nude once, when we see his butt in assless leather pants. Bobby has a slightly goofy role, but who cares? This half-hour has better exposure of his beefy glory than some of his full-length films. He's in the van with Kim Dawson, on the floor, at the pool, and each time his much-prized cheeks are laved with good lighting and airtime. This was one of the later EC episodes where male nudity became very fleeting. Bobby plays a train conductor, and although he has sexual fantasies several times, he stays clothed during all of them. We see Johnston's tanned bum as he has sex with Jennifer Leigh Burton; as he walks to a window; as he walks to and climbs into the shower, again with Burton. There are a couple of tease shots where a window frame or piece of furniture just prevent us getting a full-frontal view as well. As he lifts Maria into his lap his whole penis is dangling without a sock. It's soft and then he resumes fake humping but the pubes and dick are still viewable. Is there any soft core stud hotter than Bobby Johnston? Doug Jeffrey maybe, but Bobby may be in a category all his own. The Erotic Confessions lighting and presentation made him appear even more godlike than in previous and future works. In 'The Hat Check Boy', Bobby has several scenes behind the coat rack, even a near-full rear, but the best scene is toward the end, when he drops his pants and you can see part of his dick for a second before the camera swoops away. Bobby is an adulterous, somewhat insensitive director who is shown the light to true happiness by "Eros". He...

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Bobby johnston nude

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