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#1 Frieda j riley

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Frieda j riley

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Riley is a perfect example of the impact a teacher can have for the cause of good. After teaching for only a few years with Hodgkin's disease, Miss Riley passed away. But in that short time she reached far enough to inspire some of America's best scientists, including Homer Hickam and the Rocket Boys - whom the touching film 'October Sky' was based on. It was her encouragement that brought these boys into manhood as believers in knowledge and hard-work. Homer, who wrote a book about how Miss Riley gave him the direction he needed to achieve great things, became a rocket scientist for NASA. Miss Riley embodies the goodness of American teachers who push their students to accomplish their dreams. A few years ago, I wrote a memoir titled Rocket Boys which has since gone on to become a classic. Rocket Boys from which the film October Sky was based is about life in a West Virginia coal town during the 's and centered on my high school days when some friends and I decided to become rocket-builders. One of the folks I wrote about was our chemistry and physics teacher, a young woman named Freida Joy Riley. Because of the book and movie, Miss Riley, as we knew her, has taken on near-icon status amongst teachers across the nation and the world. Wherever I go, I am thanked by people of all walks of life, but especially by teachers, for telling her story. At long last, they say, someone has written about a real school teacher, one who not only fought for her students, but insisted that they learn. You have to have the courage to learn what's inside it. Although I was having trouble with algebra at the time, Miss Riley believed in me and so I...

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Frieda j riley

Recognizing and Celebrating Great Teachers

The Freida J. Riley Teacher Award annually recognizes an American teacher who overcomes adversity or makes an enormous sacrifice in order to positively. Mrs. Freida Riley was a former student at Big Creek High, in Coalwood West Virginia. She had been ranked at the top of her graduating class, and then studied. Obituary of Freida J. Riley - McDowell Co. WV Freida J. Riley, 32, of Squire, W. Va. died Tuesday, August 5, in the West Virginia University Medical Center in.

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