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Michigan wife torso

Stephen Grant had been the subject of Nude beauty contest pics manhunt since police discovered what they believe to be the torso and other body parts of his wife, Tara Lynn Grant, in and around the couple's house in a suburb of Detroit. Grant was arrested Michigan wife torso Bliss Township in northern Michigan, some tirso from his home, after an air and ground search by local, state and federal agencies, according to the Emmet County sheriff's department. Temperatures in the Michigan wife torso of his capture were in the teens and 20s Michigan wife torso Saturday and early Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. Hackel said Grant was taken to a hospital with signs of frostbite or hypothermia. She said she couldn't release any other information. His lawyer, David Griem, said on Saturday that he feared his client was suicidal, but Hackel said there was no indication that Grant tried to commit suicide. Griem said Sunday that he was withdrawing his representation of Grant. He said he wasn't aware if Grant Michigan wife torso Micyigan lawyer. Hackel said Grant apparently Michjgan on his own. A truck that police believe Grant drove from his home was found Saturday night tirso Carp Lake, close to the bridge linking Michigan's Lower and Upper Peninsulas. Grant, 37, who had maintained his innocence in his wife's disappearance last month, went missing before police searched his home Friday and Saturday in Washington Township, about 30 miles outside Detroit. Searchers found the torso in the garage and what toorso thought to be other parts of Tara Grant's body in a nearby park. The search for evidence Michigann other remains resumed Sunday. The body had not been positively identified as of late Saturday, but the sheriff said he was certain it was Tara Grant's. An...

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What she spotted that last day of February, tucked under a tree, looked like more than litter. A one-gallon Ziploc bag. Because there was snow on the ground it stood out like a sore thumb. I mean it was, there was bright red blood in the bag. Sheila picked up the baggie. She thought the sheriff's office might want to know about it what with all the coverage on the news about that missing woman. The story of Tara Grant, the vanished wife and mother, had become as regular a fixture on the Detroit news stations as sports and weather. The missing woman's husband, Stephen Grant, was on the local news almost daily, making teary -- on the verge of angry -- appeals to his wife of more than 10 years to come home. If not for him, then for their two young children, a girl, 6, and a boy, 4. Stephen Grant, in tears: Call the police, call me, call my in-laws, call someone. The family lived in a comfortable home northeast of Detroit. Tara was the breadwinner, thriving in a six-figure management position with an international construction and engineering firm. The most recent job site was in Puerto Rico. She'd been commuting between Detroit and San Juan for five months. Stephen Grant worked in his father's small-time, two-man machine shop and looked after the kids while Tara was on the road. He prided himself on being a "Mr. Mom" at home and a soccer dad on the field, according to newspaper reporter Amber Hunt. Took them to all their appointments and soccer games and appreciated getting the accolades for that. As he gave the spare details of her disappearance to the desk sergeant in the lobby he may not have noticed the huge plainclothes detective walking by, but...

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Police issued an arrest warrant for Stephen Grant , charging him with the murder of his wife, Tara Grant, as well as disinterment and mutilation. Tara Grant was first reported missing Feb. Grant's lawyer, David Griem, said that the missing husband may have killed himself, but cops denied that. Hackel said a family member had helped with information on Grant's location, and that the department had tracked phone calls Grant made within the past two hours. Hackel said Tara Grant's torso was found in the family's garage after a widespread search began Friday night, and additional body parts were located in a nearby public park. The car Grant was last believed to be driving — a yellow Dodge Dakota extended-cab pickup truck — was found late Saturday night, but there was no sign of Grant, cops said. Hackel said investigators were looking for other evidence and additional body parts in the search Saturday near the home that included land in and around Stony Creek Metropark. About law enforcement personnel were on hand for the search, he said, and the search would start again tomorrow at 9 a. The search was hampered by snow on the ground, but Hackel said body parts were found. He declined to release details. The sheriff's department parked its mobile command post is along a muddy dirt road covered in snow and ice. Drivers have been traveling up and down the road, taking a peek at the police and throng of media at the site. Representatives from the sheriff's department, the Michigan State Police and Metroparks police have been driving down a side road toward the search area. Tara Grant has been missing since Feb. Stephen Grant, 37, reported her missing five days later. Police say the day she went missing, the Grants argued over her...

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The case gained large attention, both in Michigan and the entire United States. He claimed that on the evening of February 9 he had overheard Tara talking with someone on the phone, telling them, "I'll meet you at the end of the driveway". He said he then saw her get into a dark-colored car which drove off, and that he had not seen or heard from her since. Over the following two weeks, Grant made numerous media appearances, at times accusing authorities of harassment. The day after reporting Tara missing, Grant was stopped by police and arrested for driving with a suspended license. He accused police of using the traffic arrest as an excuse to take him into custody to further question him about Tara's disappearance. Police denied the accusation. The search for Tara ended on March 2, , when police used a search warrant to look through the Grant home in Washington Township. The examination turned up a portion of Tara's dismembered body hidden in a plastic bin in the garage. While police were still searching the house, Grant fled the scene. Two days later, after tracking a cell phone call made to his sister, police found Grant in northern Michigan's Wilderness State Park. He had apparently spent the night in the freezing cold, and after being taken into custody he was airlifted to an area hospital. While recuperating in the hospital, Grant confessed to police that he had strangled Tara to death on February 9 and later dismembered her body. According to police, Stephen Grant was less than cooperative with them throughout their investigation. He refused to answer questions. However, he did agree to take a polygraph test , as long as it was administered by someone other than the police. A human torso, believed to be that...

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Michigan wife torso


Feb 9, - A look back at the Steven Grant murder case of wife Tara after 10 years. By: Charlie It was Tara's severed torso. Grant fled to northern Michigan but was captured a few days later and confessed to the crime. "To be frank, the. Mar 4, - Killing His Wife Tara Lynn, Arrested In Michigan After Statewide Manhunt. what they believe to be the torso and other body parts of his wife. We're tired of people badmouthing Michigan. Sure, it's in a rough spot, but it's climbing and climbing back up into the light. Those lakes, sand dunes, forests.

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