Radiation and tanning beds

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#1 Radiation and tanning beds

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Radiation and tanning beds

Tanning Beds after Radiation. Feb 24, Hi, I have a question and I hope I'm positing in the right spot. Sorry, if I'm not. I finished 33 rads back on Dec Radiation and tanning beds and now that my life is slowly getting back to "normal" and spring is around the corner I've thought about wanting to go tanning again. Radiation and tanning beds go a couple times a week and once I have a slight tan, it's maybe once a week. Anyway, I love having Rafiation little color, it makes me feel so much better. I know that no doctor would recommend a tanning bed with or without rads, but I wanted some of your opinions and what you thought about it. Nurses employee rights input would be great. I have always felt better with a little tan also. I quit going for about a year when I found out I had Jolene blelock nude but now I enjoy bed once a week and I just cover up the breast that had the radiation. I really don't think they have found a connection between breast cancer and skin cancer. I have given up a lot of things since my dx but I'm Radiation and tanning beds giving up on this one yet. What about spray on? I've heard that if you find the right place it can be very good. I don't know tannng to explain it The color is not the main thing My Radiation and tanning beds calls it an attitude adjustment If I just sit Clitoris slap smack pinch the sun for even 5 minutes it makes me feel happy Have you considered using the UV lights that are manufactured for people with Seasonal Affective disorder-based depression? They are not as damaging as...

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Tanned skin is damaged skin, no matter your age or skin type. Still, many people seek out a seasonal tan or year-round tan despite these dangers, often choosing indoor tanning to maintain their color through the winter. The evidence surrounding the hazards of tanning beds could not be clearer: People who use tanning beds are at much greater risk for developing skin cancer. Despite the best efforts of doctors to counsel against using tanning beds and sun lamps, two myths still exist:. There is absolutely no evidence to support either of these claims. In fact, research indicates that the unwavering intensity of ultraviolet UV radiation from tanning beds makes it more dangerous. Indoor tanning beds expose you to both kinds of rays. Still, there are tanning salon salespeople who have built an industry on these myths. This has prompted some states to pass laws regulating indoor tanning in an attempt to protect young people. White, non-Hispanic teenaged girls use tanning beds more than any other group. With California leading the way, 13 states — and counting — have banned indoor tanning by people younger than 18 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Other states allow it only with parental permission. In total, 44 states currently have some sort of restrictions on indoor tanning. Class 1 is the highest risk category. People of all ages should avoid indoor tanning. If you like the look of tanned skin, choose a self-tanning product that contains the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone DHA. This active ingredient has been approved by the U. You can find self-tanning products in the form of lotions, foams, wipes, and sprays. Most are fast-acting and will give your skin a darker appearance in a matter of a few hours. Do not use indoor tanning as your source...

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How soon did anyone tan outside in the sun or go to a tanning salon after radiation to your breast? I know that I tanned the following summer outside in the sun after having radiation on the other breast in I just wondered if anyone had tanned since their radiation. I probably won't this summer, since I am still doing radiation, but, next fall He also warned me of lubing up before going in the water because the water reflects onto our skin and can burn. I followed his advice and had a wonderful vacation-that was 3 years ago. I was able to use up my tanning salon visits the following summer-but I kept my radiation area covered with a towel. Just to be safe. That is my experience-ask your doctor and follow his advice. I asked my doctor if I could go to a tanning bed while I was in the midst of chemo. Since it was the middle of winter and we had received a inches of snow that winter, I made the call on my own. I decided that death my slitting the throat was more imminent than death by tanning bed. I am not a big tanning bed person but I do like to go a few times in the spring to prevent my fair skin from frying the first few times I am outside. I did go a few times last spring which was about 6 weeks post-radiation but I too always cover that area with at towel. Partly because I will be having more reconstruction surgery and the plastic surgeon said that the tanned skin will not heal as well and partly just to prevent further ray damage. I did not have any problems with the tanning with that area covered. From what...

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Using a tanning bed, booth, or sunlamp to get tan is called indoor tanning. Exposure to ultraviolet UV rays while indoor tanning can cause skin cancers including melanoma the deadliest type of skin cancer , basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. UV exposure also can cause cataracts and cancers of the eye ocular melanoma. UV exposure from the sun and from indoor tanning is classified as a human carcinogen causes cancer in humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer part of the World Health Organization and by the U. Department of Health and Human Services. Indoor tanning is particularly dangerous for younger users; people who begin indoor tanning during adolescence or early adulthood have a higher risk of getting melanoma. This may be due to greater use of indoor tanning among those who begin tanning at earlier ages. Every time you tan you increase your risk of getting skin cancer, including melanoma. Indoor tanning and tanning outside are both dangerous. Although indoor tanning devices operate on a timer, the exposure to UV rays can vary based on the age and type of light bulbs. Indoor tanning is designed to give you high levels of UV radiation in a short time. You can get a burn from tanning indoors, and even a tan indicates damage to your skin. A base tan does little to protect you from future damage to your skin caused by UV exposure. In fact, people who indoor tan are more likely to report getting sunburned. The best way to protect your skin from the sun is by using these tips for skin cancer prevention. Although it is important to get enough vitamin D, the safest way to do so is through what you eat. Tanning harms your skin, and the amount of UV exposure...

Radiation and tanning beds

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Yes, tanning bed lights can cause cancer. In studies of individuals who have skin cancer, ultraviolet (UV) light emitted by tanning beds has been associated with an increased chance of skin cancer. Jan 4, - In fact, research indicates that the unwavering intensity of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from tanning beds makes it more dangerous. Ultraviolet radiation consists of UVA and UVB rays, which both damage skin and can cause skin cancer. Indoor tanning beds expose you to both kinds of rays. Radiation Emitted from Tanning Beds: • UVA (ultraviolet-A): Longer wavelength (nm), deeper penetrating radiation. • UVB (ultraviolet-B): Shorter.

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