South asian perspectives

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#1 South asian perspectives

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South asian perspectives

Global Warming and South Asia As delegates were preparing to meet in Bali for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, there was a sobering reminder of the havoc global warming is already wreaking. Cyclone Sidr, accompanied by a tidal surge, killed 2, in Bangladesh initially, with fears Dating jay rihanna z the death toll from the storm might eventually reach 10, Simon Robinson notes that things could have been much worse; Cyclone Gorky, inkilledThe Bangladeshi government has gotten much better at preparing for and cleaning up after such storms, but cyclones are likely to get harder to control. Time Asia, November 19, So they South asian perspectives us compensation as we are the prime victims of a crime we had no part in. Karim certainly has a case. The New Age, December 9, But though rich countries have done most of the carbon-emitting so far, poor countries are likely to do most of it in the future. Addressing that issue is tricky. The United Nations Development Program report on climate change recommends that developing countries cut their carbon emissions 20 percent bya task which the report estimates could cost 1. The Business Standard, November 28, Outlook India, November 30, Other commentators, however, see the environmental consequences of South asian perspectives change as themselves a hindrance to development. Glaciers would melt, leading first to floods and then droughts as rivers run dry. There would be more dengue, more malaria, more diarrhea. The Hindustan Times, December 9, Turnout was a tepid 60 percent during the first round of voting; the rest of the state votes on December Modi is widely believed to have taken a leading role in provoking the communal violence that left over 2, people, mostly Muslims, dead in But such a track record might not hurt him, writes...

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Meanwhile, the international community offered cautious condemnations of the crackdown. One of South Asia's most important developments this month was also one of the least surprising. Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf was elected to a third term by Pakistan's sitting assemblies, but all of the interesting questions are still up in the air: Will the Supreme Court put its stamp of approval on his questionable candidacy? Will Musharraf resign as army chief before inauguration day? Benazir Bhutto, who is scheduled to return to Pakistan next week, has become the subject of greater and greater ire in the Pakistani press for what is perceived as her political opportunism and unwavering pro-American stance. But the headline story this month is the popular uprising in Myanmar. Myanmar's Buddhist monks first took to the streets in September to demand the end of military rule and the restoration of democracy. The brutal crackdown has generated expressions of outrage internationally, but so far there has been little international action. But the monks' determination has given hope to many. Editor's Note One of South Asia's most important developments this month was also one of the least surprising. The Uprising in Myanmar It has been 19 years since Myanmar has seen popular protests on the magnitude of those of recent weeks. They systematically ordered all the monks to line up and banged and crushed each one's head against the brick wall of the monastery. One by one, the peaceful, non resisting monks, fell to the ground, screaming in pain. Then, they tore off the red robes and threw them all in the military trucks like rice bags and took their bodies away. Outlook India, September 24, , free registration required. In another article, B. But neither country is presently inclined to do so. Raman acknowledges that sanctions alone are...

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Energy, Foreign Dependence, and Nuclear Testing: The Controversy over the U. Everyone is confused about what the deal actually means. Facing dissent in Parliament and the press over the proposed U. But on September 10, Parliament was adjourned nearly a week early. On August 25, twin bombing shook Hyderabad, killing at least 42 and injuring The interim government imposed a five-day curfew in six cities after a clash between student protesters and the military. And Iajuddin Ahmed will continue on as interim president past September 5, the end of his term. Editor's Note Facing dissent in Parliament and the press over the proposed U. An editorial admonishes both the Communist Party of India-Marxist and the BJP for taking hard-line ideological stances that coincide more with the interests of Pakistan and China than India. The Times of India, August 22, The Times of India, August 24, The Times of India, August 30, The authors further worry that the deal will provoke hostilities between Pakistan and India. The Hindu, September 3, Meanwhile, Pakistanis like Najmuddin A. Shaikh wonder why exceptions to the non-proliferation regime are made for India and not its neighbor to the west. Dawn, September 6, Michael Krepon and Alex Stolar highlight some of the areas of confusion. For example, supplying nuclear fuel to India in the event that India tests a nuclear bomb would violate U. Back to the top. Raman in an analysis of the dual bombings that shook the city on August When the Muslim ruler of Andhra Pradesh chose to accede to Pakistan, the Indian government stepped in. To this day, jihadists claim as their cause the liberation of Indian Muslims from Hindu rule. This has to change. But others were more reluctant to blame Pakistan for the recent...

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South asian perspectives

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