Teenage driver speed control

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#1 Teenage driver speed control

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Teenage driver speed control

More US teens die from traffic crashes than from any other cause, with speed and rural roads major contributing factors. This study aimed to validate a high-fidelity simulator to explore these risks in an injury-free environment. Twenty-one newly-licensed year-old males completed simulated and on-the-road drives of the same rural roads. Average free speeds on three road segments showed no systematic differences across segments. These Loving mother recipe validate the simulator for further research on teen driver free speeds on rural roads. Further analyses are needed to validate other performance measures. In3, 15—20 year-old drivers were killed. A major contributing factor was inappropriate speed, with the majority of fatalities Teenage driver speed control on rural roads. Young males have been found to drive more quickly, Teenage driver speed control aggressively, have a greater propensity to violate rules and react more quickly in traffic; thereby leaving smaller margins of error [ Maycock, ]. Therefore, when investigating speed control among Teenage driver speed control drivers, young males should be a particular focus. Therefore, both speed and rural roads are among the most Teenage driver speed control factors to examine in teen driving research. A safe way to explore risky teen driving is in a simulated environment. A high-fidelity simulator in East Iowa, the National Advanced Driving Simulator NADSoffered this possibility in a rural setting, but had not yet been validated for research with teen drivers. Therefore, the objective of the current study was to validate the Video fuck a stranger for teen driver research, by comparing simulated driving with actual on-the-road driving for the same rural road segments. The focus of this paper is on validation of free speeds, that is, speeds on open road segments that are not limited by other traffic or road features. As resources precluded a large...

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COM — Teen driving can be risky business. Half of all teenage drivers will be involved in a crash before graduating from high school, according to the National Safety Council. Fortunately, parents who coach young drivers can reduce accidents. According to a study in the journal Pediatrics, teens who say their parents set rules and pay supportive attention to their activities are half as likely to get into crashes. Automakers from Lexus to Chevrolet to Ford and Hyundai offer systems in their new cars that allow parents to set limits on their teens' speed and drive time. Some systems have tracking device features that even allow creation of geofence boundaries that alert parents when their teen drivers leave a specified area. But families with older vehicles can keep an eye on their teenage drivers via aftermarket technology. Teenagers drive more safely when they know they are being monitored, said Jessica Stoddard, director of product marketing for MotoSafety , a driver-monitoring device and service that integrates driver training, daily report cards, location mapping, alerts and insurance discounts. MotoSafety plugs into the car's diagnostic data port or parents can wire the monitor into the vehicle; it can send reports on teens' driving via email or through a smartphone app. They want something that allows them to stay connected without having to ask the teens to text them all the time. It's about communication, coaching and comfort," said Navin Ganeshan, vice president of product for Zubie monitoring devices. Like MotoSafety, Zubie is an aftermarket tracking device that can help keep an eye on any bad behavior, such as excessive braking or speeding. Zubie offers real-time location monitoring, trip history and engine diagnostics, among other options. The device plugs into the car's diagnostic port and sends notifications via an app. Research showed that when...

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Andrew Sarkisian says he finds inspiration in other people's lives, but raising two teenage girls may be more inspiration than he's willing to admit. Sarkisian, safety manager at Ford Motor, is considered the father of MyKey, a new technology to help parents control some of their teen drivers' behaviors. Ford is rolling it out on several models this year. The year Ford veteran raised two teenage girls, now both in their 20s, and experienced firsthand something parents dread: Then came Lauren's second rollover accident — not her fault — and he started brainstorming. Last year, 4, young drivers ages 16 to 20 died in car accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for that age range. MyKey lets parents configure one key as the teen's. When the car is started with MyKey, top speed can be limited to 80 mph, and chimes can be set to sound at 45 mph, 55 mph and 65 mph. Seat belt use is encouraged in two ways: If the driver and passenger don't put on their belts, a chime sounds until they do. Possibly more important to teens: The audio system won't turn on until the front two passengers are buckled up. It can also max out the audio at half volume which is still plenty loud , keep track of the young driver's mileage and provide earlier low-fuel warnings than standard. The decision to make MyKey standard was more than just a marketing maneuver, says Amy Marentic, Ford's marketing manager of large cars and crossovers. The automaker wanted MyKey to be on every car so parents with younger kids who don't need the technology now could have it later, even if they didn't think it was a priority when their children were 9...

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Many parents fear letting their teenagers start to drive, and with good reason. Fatal auto crashes are the leading cause of death among Americans ages 15 to But new technology can help give parents some peace of mind by letting them set a limit on the car's speed and by tracking the location of their teenage driver on the road. Ford and General Motors have taken two different approaches. Ford's MyKey lets parents set the maximum speed of the car and limit the volume of the audio system. General Motors Family Link -- part of its OnStar service -- tracks the location of the car driven by a teenager and sends text messages to the parents if it is driven outside a stipulated area. Here is a closer look at these two systems. Available in any model equipped with the MyFordTouch infotainment system, this technology gives a special key to the parent that allows setting the controls. Maximum speed can be set for 80 MPH. The parent can put limits on the volume of the audio system to minimize distraction. And the radio will not turn on if seat belts are not fastened. MyKey was developed as Ford safety executive Andy Sarkisian worried about his two daughters who were nearing driving age. He says he wanted a system that allowed parents to set limits but still gave teens some driving freedom. The GM system does not involve controls on the car itself. But it lets parents stipulate where the teenager can drive. Once you set that perimeter online, you will get a text message if your teenager decides on a sudden road trip and crosses that digital barrier. You also can locate the vehicle at any time by going onto the system's web site. At the OnStar web site,...

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Teenage driver speed control

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Aug 26, - New technology lets parents set controls for teen drivers Ford's MyKey lets parents set the maximum speed of the car and limit the volume of. Jul 6, - These Systems Can Help Your Teen Develop Good Driving Habits The Centers for Disease Control reports that car crashes are the Parents can set alerts when their teen driver exceeds a pre-set speed limit or goes. Sarkisian, safety manager at Ford Motor, is considered the father of MyKey, a new technology to help parents control some of their teen drivers' behaviors.

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